At the present time, the English Organizer is not taking on any new clients.

Are you overwhelmed by clutter and chaos in your home? Do you struggle to locate the things which are important to you? Would life be easier and less hectic if you could answer only find a way of getting organized?

Some of the many reasons my clients hire me:

~  Save time searching for things
~  Reduce your feelings of stress and overwhelm
~  Cut the cost of late fees and emergency purchases
~  Make space for new activities and leisure
Enjoy walking into your home or office
~  Be able to invite friends over, without worrying what they’ll think
~  Move home with only the items you really need
~  Ease conflict between you and your partner from being disorganized
~  Feel more prepared for unexpected events and emergencies
~  Be able to relax at home, without guilt

I believe that everyone deserves to live in a calming and comfortable environment. As a Professional Organizer, I can help you create a space that is both sorted and stylish, which meets your needs and the way you live. Together, we’ll figure out what’s important to you and where to put it.

The English Organizer specializes in:

  • Living spaces,
  • Home offices, and
  • Image-conscious small businesses

Services include de-cluttering, creative space solutions, decor advice and time management coaching.  Hands-on organizing is offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with telephone coaching for clients further away. Group seminars and workshops are also available.

I hope you’ll contact me to take the first step toward experiencing the peace of mind which comes from sorted, stylish spaces.
At the present time Soundart Hot, the English Organizer is not taking on any new clients.